How to Dress for a 70s Disco

The 70’s are known to be one of the coolest decades of the previous century. The world saw umpteenth fashion experiments and there was a surge of experiments in just about everything from music to lifestyles to clothing.

The disco scene and the clothing styles of the 70’s are legendary. With many legendary artists producing some of the best music ever, there was no shortage of tunes to dance on a Saturday Night.  People to date follow these styles with a lot of passion and it is often a theme for many parties even now.

Many people who lived in that era to many who were born after it, still adorn the looks and ways of the 70’s. It’s no surprise that you may one day get invited to an event based on the very same theme. If you want to dress like people did in that cool decade, you can do so by doing some simple things.


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    Collared Shirts

    Wear a collared shirt. Ideally look for shirts with big prints and bold colours. Unbutton some of the top buttons; it will really give the 70’s feel to it.

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    The Jacket

    The next thing to do is to get the right jacket. Get one with sleeves flaring out towards the shirt’s cuffs. Ideally it should be made of a shiny material such as satin as it reflects the light well.

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    Bell Bottom Pants

    The next step is to get a pair of bell bottom pants. The pants need to be tight at the top, around the waist while they should be really loose from knees downwards with flappers around the ankles.

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    Platform Boots

    A must wear for the 70’s disco are the black platform shoes. Make sure that you wear them to have a complete style of the 70’s.

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    The Medallions

    You should wear a medallion locket as well, one of the big ones as they were really in, in the 70’s. A Yin-Yang one will not be a bad idea.

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    Ladies should also add some accessories that are noticeable in nature. Things like medallion pendants, hoop earrings and bangle bracelets will just do a fine job. They have to be big in size to give the right look though.

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    Ladies' Shoes

    The shoes that the ladies will be wearing are ideally knee high platform shoes with preferred colours being black or white. You can wear normal platform shoes with the bell bottom pants which will look just as fine.

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