How to Make Your Own Clothing Labels

Making your own clothing labels gives a more professional look to your products and at the same time it allows you to promote your products, ensuring the better positioning of your products in the mind of people. There are multiple ways to make labels for your products; you can choose them depending on your range and suitability. Just keep in mind that in order to make customised labels, you can use the logo of your image or text logo. Do not forget to choose a suitable colour scheme for your label.


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    Make label from logo or image

    In order to make a label for your products, you must first decide the type of label you need. You can have a picture logo or a text logo but do not forget to take help from the software to design an efficient one. You can take help from Adobe Photoshop or Photo Pro to design a wonderful logo. For this, you must save the image file with a compatible extension. Do not forget to adjust the size of the label as most labels are 3 inches wide and 1.5 inches in height. Therefore, keep in mind that you do not need a high resolution image for your label.

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    Purchase a suitable fabric

    After you have designed the logo, you must purchase a comfortable fabric on which you want to have your logo printed. Remember, you must buy a suitable cotton material to make sure that the printer’s ink is properly absorbed.

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    Place the sheet in the inkjet printer

    After you have all the pieces of your desired size, you should now place the face side of the sheet in the inkjet printer to print your designed logo on them. For this, you must turn on your computer and open the file of the logo and select ‘Print’.

  • 4

    Spray the printed fabric with matte fixative spray

    After you have printed labels on the fabric, you must apply matte fixative spray to safeguard ink on the fabric. After you have applied the spray, you must leave the fabric untouched for a couple of hours and let it dry. After the fabric is dried, you must start cutting the labels into equal sizes.

  • 5

    Paste the label to your garment

    Now you should apply the basting spray to your label and paste it on your garment.

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