How to Sew a Gothic Skirt

Gothic skirts are good for costume parties, and while they are not worn on a daily basis, you can wear it once in a while in order to get more attention from your friends or colleagues. Black, ragged, and almost ethereal, gothic skirts make girls look very feminine and pretty, in addition to adding a touch of dark glamour to any look.

Even if you are not good at sewing skirts, a poofy gothic skirt made of tulle is incredibly easy to make, as it can be made without a sewing machine. Pair your gothic skirt with dark eye makeup, iridescent red lace around your wrists and waist, and dark shining nail polish for a complete look.

Things required:

– Black tulle
– Hem tape
– Blanket binding


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    Getting started

    Calculate the amount of tulle you will require for the job. For an accurate measure, double your waist size, then divide the amount by 13. This measurement shows the number of yards of fabric you will require for each layer. Make sure the hem tape is 2 inch bigger than your waist measurement. You have to pin the tulle to the hem tape. Choose how wide you want the pleats to be - these are the folds you will make in the skirt. Pleats make skirts look fuller and can make your figure look better too. A wise choice is to have pleats that are at least 1 inch wide. Place the top edge of the tulle to the hem tape. After that, fold in equal intervals as you are pinning the tulle. Cut off the extra fabric following the pinning of the first and last layer.

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    Further instructions

    Sew the first layer of the tulle to the hem tape with the help of small even stitches with the needle and thread. This will allow you to make the pleats flatter and this technique is used for extra layers. Then, fold the blanket binding around ½ inch on each side and iron it. The binding will act as the waistband. Iron to make a crease, and then stitch both ends to hold them in place properly.

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    Sew the skirt

    Attach the top edge of the skirt to the blanket blinding and stitch the binding together on both sides to close it. Then, close the skirt by sewing the ends of the tulle together. Make sure you sew with the wrong sides facing outwards. Then, turn the skirt right side out, and finally, stitch 2 hooks on one end of the waistband.

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