How to Make Fire Resistant Fabric At Home

Making fire resistant fabric at home may be required if your are worried about fire or flames destroying your home. Fire resistant fabrics can also be used to keep your skin away from danger. Typically, this fabric comes with a chemically manufactured fire resistant coating which prevents the fabric from catching fire. Luckily, there are some instructions you can follow to make this fabric at home.

Things Required:

– Large bucket
– 1 gallon hot water
– 4 ounces of alum
– 9 ounces of borax
– Stir stick
– Clean fabric
– Rubber gloves
– Dryer
– Towel


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    Firstly, consider buying a large bucket from your local supermarket if you do not have one already. Heat up some water and add it to the bucket, which should be large enough to contain the fabric and water solution. Be sure to purchase a good quality bucket that does not get out of shape from putting fabric inside it.

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    Do not forget to take measurement of the borax and alum. Add them to the hot water in the bucket and stir gently using a wooden stick or spoon. Continue to stir until the borax and alum dissolve into the water, making a thick solution.

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    Get the untreated fabric and dip it in the bucket of your fire safety solution. Use your hands or the wooden stick to push the fabric deep into the solution. You will be required to make sure the fabric is fully saturated. Therefore, take your time when performing this task. If possible, allow the fabric to soak overnight. This will ensure almost 100 percent saturation of fire resistant solution.

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    Research has shown the fire safety solution can cause irritation and hence you should wear safety gloves at all times. For improved hand and skin safety, consider using the best quality rubber gloves. Remember it is always better to be safe by using all of the proper gear.

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    Once the fabric is completely soaked, take it out of the container. Consider putting the fabric into the dryer immediately for drying purposes. Change dryer’s settings to cool to make sure the fabric is completely dry. Keep checking on the fabric in the dryer and take it out once the cloth is fully dry.

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    Turn off the dryer and place the fabric on your balcony. Let it sit there for a short while to make sure the solution is completely absorbed into the fabric. Now you can use this fabric to cover furniture or make curtains from that will be fire resistant.

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