How to Make an Easter Bunny Costume

There are times when you might need to get dressed up in an Easter bunny costume. Going out to the store and buying a bunny costume can cost quite a bit of money. You can easily make this costume at home using items that you probably have lying around. Keep in mind that there are different styles of costumes like Alice’s White Bunny, Peter Rabbit, Playboy Bunny and your standard Easter Bunny version. All you really need to get started is an old sweatsuit and to make some ears and a tail to attach to it. Follow this easy method to help you make an Easter bunny costume that your kids will love.

Things Required:

– White sweatsuit or white leotard set
– Rabbit ears
– Puffy tail
– Gloves
– Straw Hat
– Head of Cabbage
– Face makeup (optional)


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    You will be required to use a clean white sweatsuit as the base of your Easter bunny costume. If you are planning to prepare an Alice’s White rabbit costume with this sweatsuit then consider putting a dress coat with tails over the top. Also, do not forget to hang an over-sized stopwatch on a chain. The stopwatch can be made by painting a clock face on a plastic plate. Use a construction paper to attach the stopwatch to the chain.

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    Prepare your Bunny hair in a way that they are visible from all angles. If wearing a woolen hat then do not forget to place the ears appropriately so they remain visible. Make your bunny face complete by using a face paint of your choice. Finally, put on glasses frames to complete the perfect look of an Easter bunny.

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    An Easter bunny suit for kids can also be prepared in a simple way. Consider adding a pink belly patch to a grey, black or white sweatsuit. Ears for your children’s bunny costume can be easily purchased from online costume stores. Ask your child to choose the ears and tail of his/her liking. A fluffy cotton tail can be stitched to the costume to complete the masterpiece.

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    If you want to become a Playboy bunny then wear lingerie or a leotard. Throw away the idea of whisker face paint, instead use modern makeup and more feminine material to prepare your bunny tail and ears.

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