How to Make a Half Angel Half Devil Halloween Costume

Halloween is celebrated, on the night of October 31 to November 1, in English-speaking countries, though people don’t get an official holiday for this particular night.

Halloween – one of the oldest festivals in the world. Its history goes back millennium, from the Celtic festival of Samhain to the Roman Pomona Day and the Christian All Saints’ Day. Previously, throughout Europe, this night marks the transition to winter.

It is believed that all the evil spirit comes out from hiding and begins to wander the streets on this particular night.
Inherent symbol of Halloween, Jack Lamp, in the form of the head of a carved pumpkin with light is the inherent symbol of Halloween that is why we see more of it on this particular night.

This character is most often associated with the Irish legend, a man named Jack to be more precise. The Irishman twice cheated the devil during his vicious life, as the devil vowed not to take his soul during his life.

Traditionally, boys usually dress like a Dracula or a vampire and the girls, on the other hand, prefer something a little more sexy for example, a nurse costume or the bride of Dracula.

Halloween brings out the devil in all of us, so why not be a devil for Halloween or an angel of Paradise? Enjoy your Halloween events by wearing you own clothes rather than buying a dress for this occasion, participating in the spirit of the time.

Not everyone can afford to buy or rent a costume for Halloween. So, we are here to make your own costume depending on your liking and fitting under a limited budget, which does not require large cash expenditures and incredible physical strength.


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    Look in the closet for a black and white dress. Choose black suit or dress for the devil costume. Add red accessories to create a diabolic look. Try adding a black wrap or cape on your suit.

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    Apply white face powder to give a pale appearance. Highlight your eyes with black eyeliner and mascara. Add red lipstick to complete your look.

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    Paint your nails black or red. Get fake nails for a more devilish look.

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    Put horns on your head and a tail on the back of the outfit.

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    Now take a big ring as big as your head and wrap a silver foil on it in order to look like an angel despite wearing an outfit of a devil. Now hold a magical wand and step on the streets.

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