How to Care for Dry or Raw Denim

Dry or raw denim are the unwashed pair of jeans which are dark, stiff and rich in dye. You can opt for raw denim in order to be different as most people choose to wear faded jeans. Raw denim fades, stretches and changes over time, eventually giving you a unique pair of jeans which will be perfect. You can consider raw denim as a long-term investment. However, you need to take proper care of it. There are different ways in order to take care of raw denim. After buying a right pair of raw denim, you need to soak it to start the fading process.


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    Get a bathtub and fill with water. Then soak the raw denim completely in this water. In case you have bought high quality raw denim then less colour will fade. You should use warm water to fill the bathtub.

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    Hang Dry

    Next you need to hang dry the pair of raw denim. Remember to use clothespin or binder clips on the waistband in order to hang them.

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    Wear when it is damp

    You should wear the jeans when it is damp. This is because the raw denim easily stretches when it is damp. You might feel uncomfortable in the start but hang in there. The jeans will fit you perfectly.

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    Wear them

    Next you need to wear the raw denim and do whatever you do normally such as run, go to work, cuff or un-cuff etc.

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    Few people say do not wash or wait for 6 to 12 months before washing. You should avoid washing your jeans as long as you can. In case you have stain on your jeans and you cannot get it out with sponge and water then you should consider washing them. Similarly of your jeans starts to smell then you need to wash your jeans.

    For washing, you need to put the jeans in a washing machine and use cold water. You are required only a little amount of detergent and choose rinse cycle with the lowest speed.

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    Give them time to fade

    You need to give your pair of raw denim time to fade. Check them after wearing for almost two years and you will have a perfect pair of faded jeans.

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