How to Make Paper Dust Covers for Clothes

We all have witnessed dust that accumulates on clothes hanging in our closet for a long time. A common solution to prevent clothes from dust is to cover them with a dust cover. These dust covers are readily available from the market and can be also be created at home. The process to make a dust cover at home is quite simple and all one needs is a roll of packaging paper along with a pair of scissors. You can get this packaging paper-roll from a store that sell boxes, parcel packaging stores, large retail or departmental stores and art stores. Usually it is of brown color but you may find it in other colors especially when purchased from an art store.


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    Calculate the approximate length of the garment and stretch out the paper twice as long as the garment’s length. Cut this length of paper from the paper roll. Fold the paper half in length so that the paper can cover both the sides of the garment. Make a small ‘hole’ right at the centre of the fold so that the hanger can pass through.

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    Now feed the hanger along with the garment through the hole from beneath. Make sure the paper is covering the entire outfit and fits well on it.

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    Now you can hang the garment back on rod. You can make a dust cover for each outfit in your closet by repeating the same process.

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    You can also make small openings on the side of the dust cover to look through and pick out the right dress that you want to wear. After you have covered a dress with a paper dust cover make sure that you remove the dress carefully from your closet so you don’t rip / tear the paper cover or get dust on your clothes that has gathered on the paper cover.

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