How to Layer Hiking Socks

Hiking remains one among the most preferred leisure activity for majority of people throughout the year. However, hiking during the cold and breezy days of winter or in the cold regions can be a challenging task as you can find it tricky to keep your feet warm in order to hit the final/finishing spot. Providentially, there are numerous ways available to keep your feet warm all day long in the freezing conditions by layering your hiking socks. Like the way you layer the rest of your clothing to kill the dog days of winter, you can layer your footwear as well. However, make sure to layer your hiking socks properly as they hold up your natural posture, absorb shocks, promote blood circulation, and keep your feet at good temperature.

The selection of socks matters a lot in layering and keeping your feet warm. Liners, lightweight, mid-weight and heavy weight are the types of the hiking socks that you can consider for better outcomes.


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    Wear Thin Sock Liner

    First of all put on a pair of thin sock liner. Select a pair made up of polypro, cotton, or any other moisture -wicking fabric etc. such materials keep your feet dry by absorbing the moisturiser and sweat from your feet and shoes.

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    Wear Thick Socks

    Now top the thin sock liners with a pair of thick smart wool or other non-cotton socks.

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    Put your feet in your hiking shoes in order to find out about the possibility of putting on more socks. If you find room available, wear another pair of thin socks over the thick socks.

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    Put on Hiking Shoes

    Finally, put on your hiking boots or shoes and tie their lace properly. Adventure Racing Shoes, Off-trail Boots, Trail Running Shoes, Cross Trainers Shoes, and Cross Hikers Shoes etc are the footwear that you can consider for hiking.

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