How to Make a Jedi Tunic for Kids

Not only children, but the elders as well, simply love the Star Wars series created by George Lucas. The movie had six different episodes and people simply and absolutely love how the movie paints an image of a totally new world. At the end of the day, it is a fight between good and evil, with a little blend of love and sacrifice.

It is an absolutely children-friendly movie and the kids like the different characters in the story. One of the main characters are the Jedi’s, who happen to have psychic power. The tunic they wear seems to be a fashionable outfit and kids like to wear them often.


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    In order to make the Jedi tunic, you have to start off by buying yourself a two-yard cotton fabric made out of cotton. Secondly, you need a measuring tape and last but not the least, you require a pencil or a pen.

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    Measure 12 inches by 12 inches on the fabric and cut it aside. Make sure you save the rest of the cloth as it will come in handy later. Moreover, this square that you have put aside will also be coming in handy.

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    The rest of the fabric left, fold it in half. Now, the child who needs the tunic made, make him rest on the cloth that you have folded. Make sure that the child’s head is right above the fold line, and the rest of the cloth is right on the shoulders. Now trace the child’s outline with either a pen or a pencil. Do leave some room around the child since the tunic has to be a little loose.

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    Now make the child stand up and it is time for you to start cutting. Make sure you do not cut too deep, but cut out the child’s outline which you just traced through a pencil/pen. Now you have to leave the armholes open and sew the rest of the tunic together.

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    Now turn the tunic inside out and create a front opening for it. Now you have to sew each and every hem. Make sure you start with the lower hem, as that will help you sew the rest of the tunic easily.

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    Now use the 12 inches by 12 inches fabric you have set aside and stitch it horizontally alongside the tunic that you have just made. It will be the support for your tuning and your child can now tie up the whole tuning around its waist. Now you must stitch the hold with the tunic so that your child can get the full Jedi experience.

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