How to Make Sure Clothes Won’t Shrink in the Dryer

Several modern inventions have saved our countless hours but some of them have caused problems for us as well. One such invention is an automatic dryer which, although seems quite effective when it comes to saving time, has also brought a new problem with itself. And that is of shrinking clothes. Numerous people are facing this problem around the globe and want to get rid of it in any possible way. For such people there is a solution, which will not only dry their tearful eyes, but also help in drying their clothes without shrinking them. All they need to do is follow these simple steps if they are using an automatic dryer for drying clothes.


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    Lower the setting

    If your clothing is made of cotton (more than 50 percent) then dry it on the lowest setting of the dryer because it is the heat that shrinks the clothes. Therefore, try to use it as little as you can, especially on fabrics that are made from cotton or have a tendency to shrink in the heat.

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    Segregate the clothes

    Before placing the clothes in a dryer, always remind yourself to put the same type of clothing together because if you put a towel and t-shirt together in a dryer, the t-shirt will dry way before the towel and upon receiving more heat, it will start shrinking because it has passed a point after which it does not require any further heat. Therefore, never dry heavy and light weight clothes together.

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    Put limited quantity of clothes in the dryer

    Always try to dry clothes in smaller loads because in this way heavy clothing like jeans and towels will dry quickly, which also means that it will take less time as compared to a stuffed full dryer.

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    Air dry!

    Tumble clothes  have the propensity to wrinkle and dry within five minutes at the lowest heating level in the dryer. After that hang such clothes so they can air dry. This method will also help in smoothing out the wrinkles and the clothes will dry in less time. Plus in this way you can also avoid shrinkage.

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    Take the clothes out when still moist

    It is best to take out all the clothes from the dryer when they are still moist and hang them until they dry up completely in the air. The reason for following this process is to avoid excessive heat that clothes keep on receiving in the dryer even after they have dried up, which shrinks them.

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