How to Design a Volleyball T-Shirt

Volleyball is one of the most adrenaline pumping sports that are played and well-liked globally. Therefore, it’s not too hard to find volleyball fans around who really adore this game. Due to this true love for the game, volleyball fans are often found wearing their favourite teams’ t-shirts either to support them or while playing this sport themselves. However, there are some volleyball fans who want to design their own volleyball t-shirt for themselves or for a team they play for, but they do not know what it takes to design such a t-shirt. There are also times when somebody would want to custom design a t-shirt for the team they support, using the same theme and color but with their name imprinted on it. If you’re one of these people, make sure you go through the steps below to know how a volley ball t-shirt can be designed and created.


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    Design a volleyball t-shirt with computer

    Before designing a volleyball t-shirt it is first necessary to determine whether you are making it for yourself or for a team of players. Who will wear the shirts while playing volleyball? If it’s for a volleyball team then you need to develop consensus among all the players over the design of the volleyball t-shirt before starting the process of designing.

    Once a consensus has been developed then, start considering designs which should be a part of your volleyball t-shirts so they can look like game shirts. In order to do so, you need to determine whether the team name, logo or both will appear on the t-shirt. Decide the font style and size with which you are going to write the name of the team and players on the shirt. Now, decide whether the players' first or last names will be printed, along with their corresponding numbers, on the back of their t-shirts.

    In case the team does not have any specific colour theme, then consider where/when/in which weather the volleyball games will be played. For instance if most of the games are taking place during day light, then select a lighter shade because it does not attract much heat. Use a light fabric such as cotton to make volleyball t-shirts or go with a fabric that soaks up perspiration.

    Select the style and colour for volleyball t-shirts. Determine whether the team has a specific colour theme. If yes ,then use it in the t-shirts. On the other hand, to highlight the names and numbers of players, use a different colour.

    After selecting the colours, add lettering on the volleyball t-shirts. You can do this by choosing a specific type of method from a number of ways to add lettering on a t-shirt. Some of the commonly used methods to add lettering are screen print, embroidery and use of an iron. Fabric paint is another option in this regard to design the volleyball t-shirt.

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    Design a volleyball t-shirt with conventional hand sketch and fabric paint

    Cover the surface with a newspaper and then lay the t-shirt flat over it in order to draw sketch on it.

    After that place wax paper inside the t-shirt so the paint would not reach the back side of the shirt.

    You can select a design from the following websites; the graphic edge, logo soft wear and iza design.

    After selecting a volleyball shirt design, sketch it over the t-shirt with the help of a fabric marking pen. They are usually washable. So do not worry if a line or sketch goes wrong since as it will wash away.

    When the sketch is complete, use a small paint brush to add colours in the design. Use fabric paints to obtain good results. After filling in the paint, allow them to dry. This may take several hours.

    Start the next step when the paint is dry. Use a moist cloth to remove the marking of fabric pen by rubbing it out.

    Then take a clean cotton cloth and place it over the t-shirt.

    Now press this t-shirt with an iron. The setting of iron for this pressing will be silk mode. Keep the cotton cloth between the iron and t-shirt all times during ironing because it will prevent the paint from chipping. Rather, making it settle down!

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