How to Make Kilt Costumes

You may need a kilt costume for traditional events, such as re-enactments, cultural fairs, Halloween and several other occasions. Buying it is indeed may prove too costly. Furthermore, you will have to make compromise on the design too. So, it really sounds an odd idea to buy this kind of expensive item, especially when you are unable to personalise it.

Only solution to this confusing situation is making your own kilt costume. It is undoubtedly an effortless and relatively inexpensive activity. All you require is plaid fabric and a few simple sewing skills.

Things Required:

– Plaid fabric
– Matching thread
– Fabric scissors
– Sewing machine
– Large safety pins
– Tassels


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    You don’t need any professional sewing skills to make a kilt costume. However, a lot of special care is required when it comes to cutting the fabric. The piece of fabric should be 30-inch longer and 12-inch wider than the circumference of the waist. The next important move is to hem the fabric all the way around.

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    After finishing with the cutting process, it is the time to imply your basic sewing skills. First of all, sew the tassels all around the waistband. You are supposed to do this while wrapping the kilt around your waist.

    If you are making this costume for someone else, he/she should be present at the spot. In case that person is not available, take careful measurements of his/her waist before making the costume. After wrapping the kilt all around the waist, pin it by using a few large safety pins.

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    Once you are done with the kilt, focus on making a sash. For this, you need a 2½ yards long and 6 inches wide piece of fabric. Now, cut lots of small slits into the fabric. You are doing this for fringing the two shorter edges. The rest of the edges should be hemmed neatly.

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    The sash is prepared and ready to try. Wrap it over one shoulder while tying the ends together on the opposite side of your waist. Make sure the tie is not apparent from the front.

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    The final step is pairing the kilt and sash. For pairing, use white knee length socks and a white oversized long-sleeved shirt. Your costume is ready. Enjoy!

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