How to Dress Like a California Girl

California girls have been the highlight of many songs and it adds to the charm of the place. Their style is liked by many because of how comfortable and happy they appear to be. We all want that sun kissed skin; the perfect tan. Well if you can’t be in California, no reason not to dress like them. Read below to find out how.


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    The laid back look

    These girls go for the hassle free look rather than making a lot of effort to look perfectly well matched. They are not bothered if their nail color doesn't match or if their hair is out of place. The highlight of their look is to appear casual.

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    Adding layers

    The place has unpredictable weather. It could be 50 degrees in the morning, 70 degrees around sunset and 60 degree at dinner.  The best way to deal with this is to wear layers. You can take off or add on layers according to the temperature.

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    The beach hair do

    They have the curl or wavy look. If you do not have that naturally, braid your hair before sleeping and open it up in the morning, don’t use a brush. You can either let them stay open or make a loose bun. It will give you a messy look, which is their signature style. If you are fortunate to have natural curls, just comb them with your fingers and use some hair spray.

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    Natural make up

    Use make up sparingly. California girls just put on a bit of blush on and have a neat brow. If you want to apply some make up try light moisturizers. Do not color your eyes and lips. Chose one of the two: either put on mascara with a lip balm, or a bright lipstick with simple eyes.

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    Sun protection

    You do not have to be exposed to the sun rays if you are dressed like them. They prepare themselves for the sun damage. Shades are worn throughout the year even if there are clouds.  Sun screen should also be used all the time before going out. Sometimes they also wear a hat to avoid the sun.

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    Pair your outfit with flip flops or slip on sandal, another loved item is the rainbow sandals. These girls also love to wear accessories like braided friendship bands and a lot of cultural jewelry, they like ethnic prints. Keep in mind to shop for bold and solid stuff.

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