How to Whiten Brighten Soften and Deodorize Laundry

To whiten, brighten, deodorize, and soften your laundry is not an easy job as it requires more than just washing. Sometimes, even using laundry detergent does not clean dirty, smelly and yellowing clothes so you need to go for unconventional cleansing agents.

I am sure some will wonder why not send these clothes to a professional. However, that can be very expensive especially if you have a lot clothes to clean during the week.

That is why you must keep a couple of important things in mind as they will help you to whiten, soften and deodorize your laundry.


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    Buy required items:

    First of all, you should not become overwhelmed just trying to decide what products will yield the best result. There will be several laundry detergents in the market, do not go after the brands and pick a cheap and effective detergent. The things which will make a difference are sodium bicarbonate, white distilled vinegar, chlorine bleach, conditioner, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. Grab what is available and you are all set to wash your clothes properly.

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    Use baking soda:

    Fill your washing machine with water and add ½ cup of baking soda along with your detergent. This combination will really soften and whiten your clothes. However, you should read instructions on the labels of your clothes.

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    Pour distilled vinegar:

    Another economical and effective technique to brighten your laundry is to add white distilled vinegar during the last washing cycle. Do not bother about the smell as it will disappear after your clothes are dry. White vinegar makes the fabric soft and keeps it safe from yellowing. However, you must not pour vinegar in the washing machine if it has silk, acetate or rayon clothing in it.

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    Chlorine bleach:

    If you add ¾ cup of chlorine bleach before washing the clothes in machine then this will really help you to keep your white clothes bright. However, be super cautious while putting other coloured clothes as bleach can fade out some colours. Moreover, you should not bleach such outfits that have “non-chlorine bleach only” tag on them.

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    Hair conditioner:

    Hair conditioners, mixed with water, also act as fabric softeners so you can also spray them on your clothes before placing them in the dryer.

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    Add lemon juice:

    Add one cup of lemon juice in the water and then let the washing machine do its work. Lemon juice prevents fabrics from yellowing and gives them a pleasant smell.

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