How to Polish Your Shoes

They say that you can tell a lot about a person by the condition of your shoes. Even if your house looks like a Tasmanian devil ran through it, make sure that your shoes don’t reflect that. Polishing your shoes not only keeps them looking tip top, but it goes a long way in protecting the shoes’ leather and keeping them clean over time.

Things Required:

– soft cloth
– can of shoe polish (colour to match your shoes)
– shoe brush
– old large towel or old newspapers


  • 1

    Prepare Your Station

    Place the old towel or newspapers down on the floor or surface area you will be working on. This is to protect your flooring from dirt, dust as well as the shoe polish, which can be less than fun to clean off.

  • 2

    Clean Your Shoes

    Before you can properly apply polish to your shoes, you must clean them thoroughly. Using your shoe brush, scrub the dirt and dust off your shoes.

    We also suggest that you use a wet cloth to rub and wipe down each shoe until completely clean. Allow the shoes to dry well before proceeding to the next step.

  • 3

    Apply Polish

    Use your soft cloth, or one that is specially created for shoe polishing. Wrap it around one or two of your fingers and dab it in the polish. Spread the polish onto the shoes in small round circles. Be sure to get the entire surface of the shoe with polish.

  • 4

    Shine Them.

    Using your shoe brush, vigorously brush your shoes to polish them. Using a back and forth motion works best. Be sure to place your hand inside the shoe to get a better grip.

    Once the shoe has been completely polished, you can breathe onto the shoes in order to give them a greater shine. Simply breathe on them and buff with your soft cloth or shoe brush once again.

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