Making Your Own Fabric Softener

Fabric softener, also known as fabric conditioner, is used in the laundry process to prevent static cling, and to soften and brighten fabrics – in addition to making them smell good, fabric softener improves the texture of clothes for your wearing pleasure.

Most of the varieties of fabric softener in stores contain chemicals and other additives that may surprise you – in addition to being harmful for your clothes, there is a good chance that the effects of these chemicals might also rub onto your skin. As an alternative, you can use simple and safe items, which you can easily find at home or at the local grocery store, to create your own fabric softener. In addition to being completely safe for use, this fabric softener can also be tailored to suit your particular preferences.

Things Required:

– 6 cups of hot water
– 3 cups of distilled white vinegar
– 2 cups of hair conditioner
– A large bucket for mixing
– A large empty bottle for storing


  • 1

    Check the ingredients and equipment

    To begin with, make sure you have all the ingredients and equipment required. The water you use needs to be as hot as possible, in order to be effective, and the bucket and bottle you use should be cleaned, rinsed, and then thoroughly dried, in order to prevent the formula from being contaminated by any undesired ingredients. The hair conditioner can be of pretty much any type, and from any brand you prefer – the main factors to consider here are that it should be of good quality, and should have a scent that appeals to you.

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    Mix it up

    Now, once you have all the ingredients and equipment, pour the hot water and hair conditioner into the bucket, and mix them together thoroughly. Once the conditioner is completely dissolved, add in the vinegar. Stir the liquid until everything is well mixed.

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    Pour into the bottle

    Pour this solution into the large bottle. Since certain components of the formula might settle at the bottom, you can mix them all up again in the bottle, whenever you wish (and especially before you use it). Simply tighten the cap on the bottle, and give it a good couple of shakes.

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    Add to your load

    Add this fragrant and all-natural fabric softener to your laundry by placing approximately 2 tablespoons in the fabric softener section of your washing machine. Run the machine, and once the cycle is done, enjoy your warm, soft, and scented clothes.

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