Outfits to Wear With a Fedora Hat

Fedora Hats used to be extremely popular amongst men but ladies have also found a liking for it in the last few years. There are many combinations you can try with your Fedora Hat. The popular ones include wearing the hat with a simple blouse and skirt, with a Maxi-dress, with a Trench coat and with formal clothing.

Women do look very stylish wearing a Fedora hat and have made the trend their own recently. The Fedora is available in many sizes and colours, and you should always try the hat before you buy it.


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    Wear with a blouse and skirt

    You can wear a Fedora hat with a simple blouse and a skirt. Simple plain shirts generally go with a fedora and you can wear it with a printed skirt to add variety to your look. Make sure the bag you wear matches the hat and flats sandals will look great with your overall look.

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    Wear with a Maxi-dress

    This combination is probably the most popular and the classiest. Wear a maxi-dress with a black and white fedora. This combination will protect you from the heat in the summer season and you will look great also. Try to wear a simple yet classy necklace to support your look and matching flat sandals would look nice.

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    Wear with a Trench coat

    This is a vintage look which is still very popular. Wear a trench coat with a fedora hat with skinny jeans or tights. You can wear loafers to support your early 1930s look and carry a plain handbag with you to look even more stylish. The look is extremely easy and safe, and you may not find many doubters to criticise your getup.

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    Wear with formal clothes

    This one is a nice modern arrangement and is usually called the ‘Michael Jackson look’. The King of Pop wore the same combination in many of his music videos including The Smooth Criminal. Wear a nicely fitted Blazer and roll the sleeves. Complete the look with a formal shirt and pants with black dress shoes. A bow would only add to the class.

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