How to Care for Fine Leather

Fine leather can last for years if it is taken a proper care of. Generally, rough handling and dusty conditions destroy the leather sooner than its life. You can protect it by adopting a number of steps to make your fine leather products endure all adversities and last longer. You do not need to take any special measures such as regular polishing to protect the leather. Instead you can protect its shine and colour by keeping it in a safer place. For example, do not expose it to excessive sun light or dust, both can damage its colour and shine.


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    Original Packing

    The best way to protect the fine leather in the longer run is to keep it in its original packing as long as you can. It is possible that you have been using the particular fine leather product frequently but whenever you are done with its use, put it back in the original packing. Original packing is meant to protect the product against dust and other form of pollution, and even excessive sun light. Since the product fits well in the packing, the leather will be protected well inside it. Use of any other box or container to keep your particular fine leather product in it might not work, because it is unlikely to fit for the size of the product perfectly.

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    Not cleaning the fine leather regularly can also damage it. You might not be aware that it is catching dust despite being in the packing, which can quickly destroy its surface. It is necessary that you should clean the leather regularly, especially before and after its use. Also, make sure you clean the leather with a soft cotton cloth to avoid leaving scratches on its surface. Cleaning leather by putting extra pressure on it or cleaning it with a rough cloth can damage the surface of the leather. It might also take off its colour if you have been cleaning it this way for a longer period of time.

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    Cleansing or Washing

    You may also cleanse the leather or even wash it with water and mild soap if you think it has developed a thick layer of dust on it. However, make sure that the product made of the fine leather does not have another layer of cotton or any other cloth inside it, which can be damaged by washing with soap. Nevertheless, cleansing of the leather with a soft and damp cotton cloth can wipe off a considerable amount of dust, no matter how oily it is. Leave washing as the least option.

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    If you see that the leather has started drying out quickly in spite of your regular care, you can use leather dressing to moisturize it. Keeping the fine leather moisturized is necessary, as otherwise it can leave its surface peeled off gradually. You may also seek an advice from the store from where you have bought the fine leather product. They may be able to help you with some exclusive products that can be used for protection of fine leather.

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