How to Clean Uggs Boots

Ugg boots, also commonly referred to as simply uggs, may not be the best-looking shoes around, but they are without any doubt one of the cosiest boots that one can get their feet into. The fabric feels so soft and warm against the feet. With such comfort on offer, it is no surprise that people have a hard time getting themselves to take it off.

Wearing uggs too much can cause them to start looking worn out and dirty. Fortunately, the boots can be cleaned and made to look as good as new without much hassle. The process is a simple one, though certain things need to be kept in mind while cleaning them.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to grab a small tub and fill it up with cold water. You will be using this water and a sponge or a piece of cloth to lightly moisten the boots. Be careful to only moisten the outside of your uggs Do not do something rash, like submerging them in water completely. Also make sure you squeeze the sponge or cloth after dipping them in water before you use it on your uggs. You need a damp cloth or sponge, not a dripping one.

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    After you have moistened the outside of your uggs, throw the water from the small tub into the sink and then fill it up a little with clean water.

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    Put a small amount of liquid cleaner intended for use on leather into the tub. The quantity of the liquid cleaner should be such that the solution in the tub should be one part water and one part liquid cleaner. There is no need to stress over making it perfectly equal, as you are not using the solution for a lab experiment. However, do not let the proportion deviate too much from the 1:1 ratio.

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    Use the sponge to apply the solution that you just made in the small tub on the outer surfer of your uggs. Do this for both your uggs. Be careful while applying the solution on them, as you will have to make more of solution if you let too much of it drip from the sponge before getting the latter to the uggs.

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    Once you are done applying the solution to the uggs, throw away the solution and fill up the small tub with clean cold water again.

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    Use the sponge and cold water to rinse the uggs, removing the liquid cleaner and water solution from it.

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    You have paper towels at home, stuff them inside your uggs to make them hold shape and then leave them to dry. If you do not have paper towels, use old newspaper instead. Make sure you keep the uggs out of direct sunlight, as the heat from it can cause the uggs to shrink.

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