How to Make Alice in Wonderland Costume For Babies

The Alice in Wonderland costume is a casual as well as formal dress and a perfect choice for all occasions for your little baby girl. You can also craft this costume at home easily instead of spending time searching for it in the market. However there are some important elements that should not be missed out while crafting it. Make sure that the color combination is blue and white with puffy quarter sleeves and skirt that is not more than knees in length, and a white apron with a ribbon belt that is tied at the back and is coming from sideways. But this is not all; in order to bring a perfect Alice in Wonderland look, make her wear this dress along with black pumps and white stockings and a black ribbon in her hair.

Learn to make this amazing costume by following the guide given below:

Required Material and Equipment:

– 2 meter cloth (blue in color)
– 1 meter cloth (white in color)
– 2 meter white lace
– ½ meter white ribbon
– Cloth Scissors
– Sewing Machine


  • 1

    Take Measurements:

    Take all measurements from your girl’s recent dress that best fits her as she will not let you take her measurement and you will end up in a mess. The measurements include:

    - Neckline
    - Shoulder length
    - Around the waist and hips
    - Sleeves length and width (the sleeves should be 1/4th in length)
    - Total length of the dress (starting from shoulders till knees)

  • 2

    Crafting the Skirt:

    In order to craft the skirt, take into account all the measurements and make an outline on the fabric with the help of a chalk. The skirt will be less in width from the waist and more in width from below. Also keep in mind the length should not be more than the knees. Now cut it accordingly, considering seam allowance, and join the two layers with pins.

    Sew it accordingly and then give finishing touches to the raw edges on the neckline and in the lower part of the skirt.

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    Crafting the Puffy Quarter Sleeves:

    Take the blue colored cloth and start by making an outline on it with a chalk and then cut it keeping in mind the seam allowance.

    Now make gathers from both sides of the sleeves and secure it with pins. After this, join the sleeves with the skirt by sewing it with the help of a sewing machine.

  • 4

    Crafting the Apron:

    Take the white fabric and take into account the chest length and cut the apron with width less than the chest area and the total length slightly less than the skirt. The neck for the apron should be long in length than the skirt and must be square in shape. In the end give finishing touches along the raw edges of the apron and your costume is ready.

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