How to Make a Ronald McDonald Costume

Over the years, the character of Ronald McDonald has become increasingly appealing to many kids. There are a number of occasions for which one might want to wear a Ronald McDonald costume. You can either purchase the costume at a costume shop or you can make one at home which is much more cost effective. Furthermore, making a Ronald McDonald costume at home is a fairly easy task and does not take long.

Things Required:

– Yellow jumpsuit
– Red/White striped underwear
– Red clown shoes
– White gloves
– White, red and black makeup
– Red wig


  • 1

    To make a Ronald McDonald costume, you will have to start with a bright yellow coloured jumpsuit. Make the suit at least a couple of sizes larger than required and remove the sleeves as well.

  • 2

    The underwear you choose for this costume should have red and white horizontal stripes on it. You have the options of simply wearing the jumpsuit over the underwear you choose or removing the sleeves and cuffs and in turn attaching them to the sleeves and cuffs of the bright yellow coloured jumpsuit.

  • 3

    You will need appropriate accessories for the Ronald McDonald costume. A white square with the Golden Arches attached on the left breast part, the left pant leg and the right lower torso of the jumpsuit. Add a red zipper right in the middle of the jumpsuit as well as a collar.

  • 4

    You will also need a pair of large red clown shoes and a pair of white gloves. Keep in mind that the size of Ronald McDonald costume shoes will be relatively greater than normal shoes. Walking in these shoes might not be easy at the start. However, with enough practice, you will get used to walking in them.

  • 5

    Now it comes to getting the appropriate makeup for the Ronald McDonald costume. You will need red, white and black stage makeup. Apply white makeup to your entire face except the skin immediately surrounding the mouth; here you will need to apply red makeup. Use black makeup for darkening your eyebrows and eyelids.

  • 6

    Add a curly wig to the costume. The colour of the wig should be bright red. To ensure that the wig stays on, it will be a good idea to attach the wig to a red cap.

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