Shirt to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are great, with a nice and close fitting and straight, narrow cut that makes an already beautiful lower-half of the body look even more appealing. It can be worn on dates or some formal occasion.

Despite being a popular choice of skirt for a lot of women, a pencil skirt still leaves them perplexed when it comes to deciding what shirt to wear with them. It is extremely important to avoid tops that ruin the silhouette created by the skirt, or tops that do not compliment the skirt or skin tone very well.


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    Blouses look really great with pencil skirts. Since the skirt has quite a fitted shape, you do not want to ruin the silhouette by going with a very flowy blouse. Go with one that is defines the shape of your upper body quite well. Prefer to tuck in the blouse, as it will look even more flattering that way. You can go for a blouse of any colour as long as it does not compliment with your pencil skirt too much. Also avoid blouses that clash with your skin tone. If it is it a little cold out there, throw on a blazer or cardigan over your blouse.

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    Even though flowy tops are normally avoided on pencil skirts, you can break the tradition by going with a flowy tank top that has some ruffles at the top. Remember to tuck it inside your pencil skirt. Throw on a chunky belt as well to complete the look.

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    Fitted shirts, preferably in white or black colour, go very nicely with pencil skirts. In fact, black and white are two of the most common colours that are paired with a pencil skirt. Go for a fitted shirt. It does not matter if the shirt is sleeveless, has quarter sleeves or full sleeves, since all three types of shirts look equally well on the skirt.

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    A fitted tee in some fun colour, i.e. bright and eye-catching, will look really good with a pencil skirt. The close fitting of the pencil skirt makes it somewhat essential to wear a top that flatter your figure. Since the skirt makes your frame resemble an hour-glass, you should not miss out on the opportunity to make the most of this by highlighting the shape even further with the help of a fitted tee.

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