How to Launder Donated Clothes for the Red Cross

The Red Cross is a very charitable organisation which operates globally and helps those in need. They are always accepting donations of money, clothes or other useful items that they can turn around and hand out. If you want to donate clothes to the Red Cross then it is a good idea that you launder them first. When you clear out your old clothes then donating them to the Red Cross is always a good idea. If you want to launder donated clothes for the Red Cross then there are a few easy methods you can use to help.


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    Separate clothes:

    Be sure to separate the clothes before doing anything else. Separate the white clothes from the coloured ones. Also, you can further separate the clothes by material such as wool or cotton to make it a lot easier to launder the clothes. Remember to remove any clothing that is damaged beyond repair.

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    Go to Laundromat:

    Find a large Laundromat in your area and take all the donated clothing there. A Laundromat has large heavy duty washing and drying machines that you can use to clean all of the donated clothes for the Red Cross. There are a lot of washing machines at a Laundromat that you can use simultaneously so that you do not waste your time loading one machine over and over. You should note that doing laundry at a Laundromat will cost you some money so be prepared for this.

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    Grab any decent quality detergent that can remove stains, clean and make the donated clothes smell fresh.

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    Load washers:

    Fill all of the washers with the clothing. Be sure to load the large items in the washing machines first. Turn the machines on and fill with detergent. Close the lid, add the coins and adjust the settings of the washing machines. You need to repeat this step for each washing machine that you will load.

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    You will have to wait for a few minutes for all of the washing machines to stop. Once done you can now proceed to load the dryers.

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    Load dryers:

    Load the dryers with all of the wet clothes and remember to not over fill the machines. You can also add some fabric softener sheets to add a nice fragrance to the donated clothes. Close the lid, add the coins and turn the dryers on. Be sure to repeat these steps for each dryer that you want to use.

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    Fold clothes:

    Be sure to fold all of the clothing that comes out of the dryer. The donated clothes should now be clean and smelling fresh.

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