How to Convert an Indian Salwar Top into a Dress

Indian women usually wear traditional salwar kameez, which consists of a long top, known as ‘kameez’, along with lose pants, known as salwar. If you have the same outfit with a beautiful top, and you are not in a mood to wear the complete Indian traditional dress for the time being, then you can just turn the top into a dress. Just make sure that the top is long and fashionable, so that the dress can look good even after you amend it for your use. It is really easy to use the top as a dress and create a unique design of your own.


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    You should select the top which is good in length. Do not choose a top which is too short in length. This is really important to give yourself a natural look, while hiding the reality of the top you wear. If you take a top with short length, then people can easily recognize that you are just wearing a short-size top. Therefore, always try to pick a long top, with good work of beads on it. It will add to the beauty of the dress that you plan to make. Moreover, the top should also be loose enough so that you can easily stitch according to your needs.

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    After you choose the top, turn it inside out and pin up the waist by using pins and give it a shape. You can then sew the portion that you pined up. You can use a sewing machine and can also do the same with a needle and a thread. If you have the ability to sew by hands, then you should avoid using the machine. Make sure you do not damage the bead work on the top while sewing.

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    After you are done with sewing, you can turn out the outside part and try it. You will clearly see a change in the look of the top. You can wear jeans or anything else instead of the loose pants, such as trousers.

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    You can also wear scarf with the dress you just created. However, the short ones look more stylish compared to the long ones. Therefore, use the short scarf and put it around your neck. Also, you can choose different colours in scarf, which suits you the best.

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