How to Tape a Stencil on a T Shirt

Stencil is a thin sheet of paper or any material with shapes, objects or designs cut out from it so that they can be printed on the underlying object or T-shirt by painting on the stencil. If you love T-shirts with interesting slogans and beautiful designs and want a design on your shirt as well, then why not do it yourself and save money. It is a quite simple and interesting job and will help you get your creativity out while giving you a t-shirt that you’d love.

Things Required:
– Design printed on a paper
– a stencil
– fabric paint
– a tweener inside the T-shirt.


  • 1

    Print out the design in black and white color onto a piece of white paper. Now attach this design behind a contact paper by stapling it. Now carefully cut out the design on the paper using a paper knife in a way that you are drawing or outlining a border.

  • 2

    Insert the tweener between the front and back of the t-shirt.

  • 3

    Next, peel the backing from the contact paper and place the stencil to the surface of the t shirt. Cover and tape the area surrounding the stencil with old papers so that the paint doesn’t go to the other areas of the T-shirt.

  • 4

    Now apply fabric paint over the stencil using a paint brush. You may also spray two coats of fabric paint over it instead of using the paint brush.

  • 5

    Wait till the paint dries and then peel off or remove the stencil carefully from the T-Shirt. Your T-shirt is ready.

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