How to Make a Prom Dress Out of Duct Tape

While girls spend hundreds of dollars for an attractive dress on a prom night, you can literally make a prom dress out of duct tape, which is an extremely creative way to dress for the all-important night.

Apart from being a cost-effective method, it is a great alternative because duct tapes come in a number of different widths and colours, offering you many options when designing the dress.

If you can learn how to make a prom dress out of a duct tape, you can develop a custom fit which is likely to be a much better wear as compared to a mass-produced garment.

Things Required:

– Duct tape
– A scissor


  • 1

    Lay the strips of tape

    With the sticky side up, you need to lay the strips of duct tape out. In order to make a large swatch of material, you will have to overlap them just a little. Keep in mind that they have to be made longer as compared to the width of the dress. It is highly recommended that you have additional strips of duct tape available at that time, instead of running short of the material at the last minute.

  • 2

    Lay other strips on the sticky side of the swatch

    The next step is to lay the strips of duct tape, with sticky side down, on swatch’s sticky side. You can stick a thick cloth to the swatch instead, if you are looking for the inner side of the dress to be softer. A pattern from the swatch needs to be drawn and cut.

  • 3

    Sew the pattern pieces

    At the edges, you are now required to sew the pattern pieces together. You should use narrow pieces of duct tape if you are looking to create a smoother seam. Join the narrow tape on the surface of the sewn seams. Keep in mind that the tape has to be nicely aligned with the seams.

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