How to Knit Socks in The Round

Many people feel that knitting in the round or with circular needles is difficult. It only seems a bit difficult but the process is extremely easy. For socks, mostly three needles are used and the needles are double-pointed. You need to knit in rounds which means that all three needles have to be stitched before you move on to the next round. First of all, you need to lay a foundation of stitches on each needle. The next thing would be to place marker which will determine the start of each round.


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    ­­Cast the stitches

    The first step would be to cast a foundation of stitches on your needles before you start knitting. For knitting socks in a round, usually three needles are used and the triangular way is used. The stitches should be distributed evenly throughout the three needles and there should be no twists between them for the work to be done perfectly.

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    Place the marker

    After you have laid the foundation, place a marker on the right needle. A marker indicates the first round has ended and that you will be starting the second. The casting should be done with the left needle as the marker is on the right one.

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    Knit first on the left needle

    The first knit should be done on the left needle. This can be done by pulling the marker on the right needle through the knitting you already did on the left one. The process is simple and needs a bit of practice. You must hold the needles tight so that there are no holes in between the stitches. When all the stitches on the left needle are done, switch on to the other needle. 

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    Complete the number of rounds

    You should continue stitching until you reach the marker as that will mean that the round has ended. Start the next round in the similar way.

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