How to Prevent Your Clothing from Pilling

Those monstrous little fuzzy balls on your clothes are called pills. They are loose pieces of the fabric that develop in to a ball form and irritate all of us. Pilling takes off the luster from some of the best of clothes and leaves them looking old and unappealing. Pills do not care about how much you love your dress and spread like wild fire all over it. To prevent them, you will have to change the way you wear, wash and dry your clothes. If you follow our step by step guide tips, you are not only going to extend the life of your fabric but ensure that it lives in style and grandiosity.


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    - Turn garments that are prone to pilling inside out while putting in to machine. This ensures that the front side of the garment is out of any contact and does not pill.

    - Pilling is created by rubbing anything against the fabric. Do not over load your machine. The clothes will rub against each other and pill off.

    - Same goes for the contact with the machine. Go for shorter and gentler cycles so that the clothes do not remain in the machine for long.

    - Wash clothes that have pilled or you feel they will do so when you wash them, separately from those that do not pill.

    - Hand washing is the best possible method to wash delicate fabric and to prevent pilling.

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    Try air drying your clothes, instead of the dryer. The heat of the dryer breaks down the fabric and causes it to pill. Clothes also rub against each other inside the dryer. If you must use it, use shorter cycles and remove the clothes as soon as they are dry.

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    - Do not rub your clothes against other fabrics while wearing them or in the wardrobe.

    - Use a lint shaver or fabric comb to get rid of any pilling that has developed.

    - You can also use a scissor to cut off any pill individually.

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