How to Dress for a Safari Party

Parties in the modern world are organised in various ways, with people resorting to innovative and creative ideas to celebrate their success, birthdays or anniversaries. One of those unique ideas for a party is to go for a safari, which can be great fun as you enjoy yourself with your friends, while witnessing nature and wild life.

The general perception about dressing for a safari party is not more than khaki hats and matching Bermuda shorts. Taking into account the destination, weather and personal preferences, you can experiment with your clothing for a safari party. However, it is highly recommended that you consult the organiser of the party before finalising your attire.

Things required:

– Removable pants
– T-shirt
– Safari hat
– Jacket
– Tennis shoes
– Sandals


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    Choosing the right clothes for a safari is always very difficult because white gets dirty too quickly, bright reds and oranges make you stick out and black is too hot. The clothes have to be very comfortable light and neutral-coloured. The pants should have several pockets, zipped and removable legs. Removable pants should allow you to feel cooler in the afternoon and you can zip them at night or in the morning to feel warm. In a safari party, dancing would be a lot easier and comfortable in shorts.

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    Hats and jackets

    A hat is absolutely necessary under an extremely sun. The hat should be such that it covers your head and face, while being able to dissipate heat well. You should select the hat according to your own preferences but make sure that it is a brimmed one made of thin and breathable material. It is recommended that the hat has a strap with it, which should help you keep it on your head even in strong winds.

    Jackets are also an essential part of safari wear. However, they should be lightweight, possessing zipped sleeves which can help you turn them into vests in hot weather.

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    The type and intensity of the safari party will have a huge impact on the choice of your footwear. Lightweight tennis shoes are considered to be perfect for safari trips or parties as they keep your feet comfortable and cool. However, if you plan on walking or hiking after the party, you should wear or keep light hiking shoes with you.

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