Pants To Wear With a Plaid Shirt

Fashion is moving forward as the days go by, more and more people are starting to innovate the way they see and do things, and this is resulting in people making and coming up with trends that most find it hard to keep up with.

Now one common trend that seems to have kicked off in recent years, is the usage of plaid shirts. Most people are now wearing plaid shirts, simply because they seem to be the new in thing. The funny part is that both men and women can be found wearing them, meaning that there is no discrimination over who wears what.

The one problem that people tend to have, is when they are trying to figure out just what type of pants to wear with their plaid shirts. This tends to cause a number of problems to most people, who need some help from time to time.


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    Organic colours

    One thing that you need to keep in mind when wearing plaid shirts, is that whatever pants you wear, need to be either organic in colour, or generic in nature.

    Now this means that you can try wearing browns, khakis, whites and some shades of green, that look more like brown.

    You can try and wear black and white, but that would depend on the colour of the shirt that you have on.

    Basically, in order to tell if the colour that you are going to wear is decent or not, all you have to do is hold the shirt and the pant next to each other, and then decide if they match.

    If they do, then the colour that you have chosen is good to go.

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    Don’t wear baggy pants

    One common problem that people seem to have, is when they are trying to figure out what sort of fitting they need to have on their pants.

    Some people try to wear loose pants, but this is a big no. Instead try and wear more traditionally fitted clothes. Slim fitted pants can also do the trick for you if you have the right body type.

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    Try jeans

    Despite you wanting to wear pants, you can always try and wear jeans as well. Or wear pants, that look like they are made of denim, or jeans material.

    This will help you mix things up and will look impressive as well.

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