How to Choose Shoes for Osteoarthritis

It is very common that people suffer from osteoarthritis as they get old. The wear and tear on the foot joint makes it difficult for people, who suffer with the issue, to even walk properly. It usually happens when the cartilage, which works as a cushion between the joints, breaks down, causing severe pain, swelling, and stiffness.

If you are enduring osteoarthritis, then it is really important for you to choose the right type of shoes that can help you in reducing the pain. The level of pain and even the swelling can decrease during the years of your osteoarthritis, if you make the right decision of wearing the right type of shoes. Whenever you buy shoes from the market, make logical decisions and for sure, you will then have less inflammation.


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    Visit a shoe store where you can find a wide variety of shoes available, as you will have better chances of finding a comfortable pair of shoes. When you enter the store, do not start looking for the shoes right away. In fact, you should first go to the employees of the store and consult with them about the problem that you are facing. Tell them that you are suffering from osteoarthritis so that they can help you in finding the perfect shoes for you.

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    Make sure you do not incline towards the shoes that have high heels, as it will create trouble for you. High heels can cause pain in your ankles, knees and hips. Therefore, you should go for the ones that have wedges. If you must have to buy the shoes with high heels, then you should use Dr. Scholl's in them, as they will lessen the impact on your joints.

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    In addition to that, always try to find the shoes that have arches. If you wear the shoes without arches, then it is most probably going to worsen your osteoarthritis.

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    You should also try to go for sturdy shoes. Usually, people suffering with osteoarthritis are more prone to falling. Therefore, sturdy shoes allow balancing, which decreases the risk of falling.

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    Also try to pick the shoes that provide good cushion to your feet. It will allow your joints to suffer less pressure while walking. Before you make the final decision, check them properly by walking in the store after wearing the shoes. It will give you a good idea about the comfort that the pair of shoes can provide.

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