How to Make a Bandana Headband

A bandana is a large triangular or a square piece of cloth that is used to tie around the head or neck for protective or decorative purpose. Making a headband out of a bandana is very useful for several reasons. Apart from its stature as an extremely stylish accessory in the fashion world, it can be used for a number of other styles not only for women but also for men. It can be used to prevent sweat dripping on your face from your forehead, it can also be used to protect your hairs from dust, it can be used to keep your hairs back from your face and it can also be used to prevent the scorching sun’s heat directly hitting your skull.

Making a bandana head band is not a difficult task, and anyone can do the job by keeping some simple guidelines in their mind.

Things Required:

– Bandana


  • 1

    Take the bandana of your choice, and lay it open completely on a flat surface. Now grab one corner of the bandana with the help of your thumb and index finger, and gently fold it across to the opposite corner of the bandana. It will create a triangle of your bandana.

  • 2

    Now grab two of the ceased corners of the bandana with your thumb and index finger, and gently fold it again. However, make sure that you fold it only half way across while ensuring that it remains wrinkle free. Once you have folded two of the ceased corners of the bandana, fold the bandana for the third time. Make sure that the third fold is made at the longest end of the bandana, which is resting on the triangle part.

  • 3

    After folding it thrice, wrap it around your head as you wear the headband. Tie together the two ends of the bandana with a double knot, as it will secure the bandana headband at your head. You can tie the knot at the front, at the back or at either of the two sides as you like.

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