How to Dress 10 Pounds Lighter

It is pretty obvious that your dressing is extremely important in portraying an image to other people. The way your dress does not only give off what kind of personality you have, but also in changing the opinion of how others view you. Looking bigger than you really are is also something that clothes can do, which is why by dressing smarter, you can look thinner and 10 pounds lighter in an instant. If you want to dress 10 pounds lighter then follow some smart techniques to help get you started.


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    It is possible to look a lot thinner just by the style of clothing you choose. Patterns, especially horizontal and vertical lines make you look wider than you really are and can add extra pounds to your look. Instead, go with solid colours that work well in combination that are tailored to your body type or figure. Make sure not to wear anything that is too extravagant, which normally spotlights areas which you want to keep hidden.

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    This does not mean you should get all of your clothes custom made, because that is not always as affordable as buying ready-made items. Instead, get your ready-made clothing tailored to fit you, which in return will make you look a lot thinner because of the proper fit. Anything too tight or too loose will add that unnecessary weight to your style, which is something nobody wants to have.

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    You may have heard it a hundred times, but black does actually make a person look slimmer. Forget about going into all the technicalities of why that is, but instead, focus on incorporating a little more black into your wardrobe. Black pants will obviously make your legs look longer and thinner, same goes for black shirts and jackets. Try to avoid dressing in all black, but mix it around a little, especially for those special occasions.

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    Denim is a part of our daily lives, but instead of choosing brighter coloured items, choosing darker ones is a better idea. Choose jeans that fit well and are stitched properly. Find a brand that suits your figure, since it will be easier to choose which pieces to buy in the future. Avoid buying those brands which are not comfortable and accommodate your body in a normal fashion.

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