How to Wear Tall Suede Boots

You saw these beautiful suede boots in the window shop and you keep dreaming about them. The urge is hard to resist considering they are in fashion, so you end up buying them. Some people are confused on how to pair these with the rest of the clothes. The best bit is that these boots are very versatile and can be worn anywhere. Suede is one of those of materials that give you a feminine look. It helps to keep you warm. Do not forget to put waterproof spray on the boots so that they do not get destroyed in rain or snow. It should be remembered that these should be avoided in the snow. If you want the boots to have a long life, put them in when it’s raining.

Things Required:

– Waterproof suede spray
– Leggings, various colours
– Tights, various colours
– Skinny jeans, any wash


  • 1

    Long suede boots of knee length go perfectly with tights and a long tunic. Matching tights will give an overall sophisticated look. If the weather is very cold, wear a trench coat with a belt to enhance your waist. Suede boots which are knee length work best in the evening parties. If you want a bold look, pair them with hot pants and a loose top. They are enough to make a statement.

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    The overall attire needs to be proportionate when wearing suede boots of ankle length. If you have legs in good shape, ankle boots are perfect for showing them off. Wear them with leggings or a mini skirt. The body should not look awkward so if the boot is a little higher than the ankle, the skirt should be shorter, and if it is below the ankle, prefer a slightly longer skirt. One piece of garment that works with any boot is the skinny jeans. It doesn’t matter what colour the boot is, jeans will look good with it. Suede and denim are known to complement each other. If the boots are a neutral colour, you could also choose colourful skinnies.

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    If your suede are of a bright shade, they are bound to attract attention. You want the boots to stand out so pair them with dark clothes. Black leggings and a black tunic will look great with red boots. Do not wear a colour full top or jeans as they will cut each other and not let the boots stand out.

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