How to Tie a Munter Hitch Knot

Climbing is a very popular recreational activity, offering thrill and testing the climber’s stamina. Apart from requiring athleticism and perseverance, climbing demands skill, both in the art of climbing and in the use of tools, without which it would be impossible to carry out the activity. The tools used for climbing vary depending on the type of structure being climbed, but the use of ropes is universal, regardless of the tools being employed.

Ropes are used as harnesses and for safety, ensuring that a slip or a fall does not lead to serious injuries. In order to properly secure him/her self, a climber needs to know the different types of knots that can be tied for a good grip. Keep reading this article to learn the Munter Hitch Knot, which is very useful in the absence of a belaying/rappelling device. In order to effectively use the Munter Hitch knot, you will need a closed, locking carabiner.

Things required:
– Climbing rope
– Locked Carbiner


  • 1

    Firstly, make sure the rope you are using is strong enough to hold the weight of a person. Since you are going to be using the Munter Hitch knot for belaying, the rope needs to be able to withstand weight.

  • 2

    Make a simple loop in the rope, about the diameter of your index finger and slip it on the open carbiner. This loop of the rope is supposed to be one carrying all the load, so make sure it is close to the carbiner’s spine for better support.

  • 3

    Now create a second loop, with the rope coming on from the opposite side of the first loop. This loop also needs to be slipped onto the carbiner. Now you will have two separate loops on the carbiner, with the one near the spine holding the weight.

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    Pull ends of the rope to tighten the loops around the carbiner and pull on them to ensure the loops are securely settled down.

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    Now you need to lock the carbiner properly. This is very important to ensure the safety of the people who are going to be hanging on to one end of the knot. Do not risk lives by using a Munter Hitch knot with an open carbiner.

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