How to Make a Batman Suit

Almost all kids are greatly inspired by the super heroes in cartoons, movies and comics. Your children might also have deep desires to become like those factious super heroes, such as Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman and a long list to follow. Although your kids cannot become like those characters, at least they can dress up like them and feel as if they have become the super heroes themselves. You can make your children a costume of their ideal super hero and give them a delightful surprise. We shall look how you can make a Batman costume for your kids at home.


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    The costumes of Batman have evolved during all these years since its inception in 1939. However, the latest version of the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ presented Batman in a pure black costume with his additional black half-face mask. The other version of Batman costume is the one shown in ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’, which is more colourful one. You better opt for the latest costume and go black!

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    You need a black coloured unitard or a full-body pant suit for making this costume. The costume should be extremely fitted for your body and a bit stretchy as well.

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    For making the Batman armour, you can use black paintball armour effectively. This armour will cover the upper chest and arm area of yours.

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    If you don’t have the muscular physique like the Batman, you can pad up your costume to look like one.

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    The all-important Batman crest should be on the chest of your costume. You can simply print a template of it on a black cardboard and then cut it out with scissors.

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    Black gloves, long enough to cover your elbows, are also needed. It is better if you find such gloves with fins angling backwards to give the more original look.

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    You can use a dark metal or black coloured belt and it should have square pockets on the sides to hold the gadgets of Batman. Also attach a Batman logo at the centre of your belt.

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    Attach any Batman gadgets you can find to the belt of the costume. These gadgets include, a black walkie-talkie, black handcuffs, black climbing ropes, novelty boomerangs painted black etc.

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    Buy a black rubber mask with pointed ears and nose. Your mouth and chin is to be remained exposed in the mask.

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