How to Remove Wrinkles without an Iron

Every sphere of our life has been touched by technology and we are now totally dependent on it. This is true specially for the household machinery like oven, toaster, vacuum cleaner and the list goes on. Iron is the man behind our immaculate and crease free dressing. You turn on the power and the wrinkles disappear in no time. However, you may come across some not-so-ideal times in your life when you cannot get your hands on an iron especially during travelling or re-settling to a new place. This holds true even when the iron is not working and you have to reach somewhere before you get a new one or have it repaired. This still is no excuse to get out on the street with wrinkled clothes. There are other methods as well which will get rid of the wrinkles from your dress. Our step by step guide has them explained in detail for you so that you know what to do when the iron fails to come for help.


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    Steam treat:

    Steam has the properties of smoothing out wrinkles. Put your garment on a hanger.  Go into the shower and hang it on the shower rod. Make sure that it has maximum exposure but is away from any water splash which will ruin everything for you.

    Turn on your shower at the highest heat and come out of it. Close the door and let the shower run for ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the garment. Hard garments demand greater time. Go in and check for the wrinkles. Give it more time if the wrinkles remain.

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    Hair dryer:

    If steaming does not work, resort to this option. Your hair dryer can be put to another purpose. This method works best when the clothes are slightly damp and the material is fabric. Place the garment flat on a surface with all the parts spread out. Blow dry all the parts of the garment at a small distance from the cloth. Work slow and steady to all parts.

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    Damp cloth:

    If any of the above options do not work, take a damp cloth to the garment. Lay it out flat on a surface with all the parts spread out. Dip a clean cloth in hot water and scrap it over the garment while stretching it to make it taut. After you apply the damp cloth to every part, hang the cloth in a hanger to dry and wear after that.

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