How to Clean Beeswax Leather Desert Boots

Beeswax is used for several reasons ranging from foods to cosmetics. It is also used for coating leather shoes. Shoe manufacturers apply beeswax coating on leather shoes to make it waterproof. By this they become more effective for hiking, working and camping purposes. In case you want to extend their lifespan, you are required to keep your boots clean and remove the mud, salt and grime on it. However, you need to take caution not to remove the beeswax coating when you clean your boots. Thus clean your leather shoes carefully so you can wear them for many years.


  • 1

    Take off the laces

    You need to take off the laces from the boots and take the tongue of the boots out. Then clean the laces with same method as you will clean the boots. Remember that the laces can be cleaned even if you do not remove it from the boots. However, they won’t be cleaned effectively if they stay in the boots.

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    Rub off dirt

    Next you need to ward off dirt as much as you can from your leather boots. You can use a dry brush for this purpose or even a soft, dry cloth or rag. Wipe the whole surface in order to brush off dirt.

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    Apply dampened soft cloth

    In order to get rid of any remaining dirt, you need to dampen a soft cloth or rag and apply it. You need to wipe the whole surface until your boots are cleaned. It is advisable that you re-wet the soft cloth or rag if required. However, avoid using soaked cloth as it may saturate the leather.

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    Clean dirt from the welt

    Next you need to clean dirt from the welt which is the joint between the sole and the leather upper of the shoe. Use an old toothbrush for this purpose.

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    Dry the shoes

    After cleaning, you need to dry the leather shoes in a warm area. Avoid placing them in front of heater or under sunlight as you may end up fading or cracking the leather of your shoes.

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    Apply waterproof treatment

    You can apply waterproof treatment on your leather shoes. It is recommended that you use beeswax or oil-based treatments on your shoes. You can easily find these treatments at a cobbler or your local sporting goods store.

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