How to Launder a Baby Crochet Dress

Crochet dresses look beautiful on babies, but they need to be taken proper care to ensure durability. Washing a crochet dress is a particular sensitive matter. It needs to be handled carefully. Otherwise, the dress can be damaged after one wash. If you want to maintain your baby crochet dress being wearable repeatedly, wash it with hands and with proper care. You should follow the instructions given on the label of the dress. Do not use extreme methods to wash it.


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    Stains Treatment

    Before wash, you should treat the dress for stains. Mark the stains spots and use a little amount of detergent to clean them. Do not rub detergent on the stains but just let it sit on the stains for about 10 minutes and they will be cleaned automatically. Do not leave the stains for rubbing during the wash, if you are washing the dress with hands. This can damage the dress quickly and it will not be wearable again.

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    Soak Dress in Detergent

    Put some detergent in cool water and shake it to make some foam. Then put the dress in the detergent water and let it sit in the water for about 15 minutes. Detergent will treat the stains and other and particles and the dress will be stored to cleaned colours. Do not rub the dress, this will damage it completely.

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    If you think that the dress is not cleaned after leaving it in the detergent water for about 15 minutes, you can rub it very gently. Try to rub only the neck line and the area under the collar and do not touch other areas. The neck line is one of the areas where detergent does not work properly. However, if you rub the dress at any area too hard, it will damage the dress for sure.

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    Rinsing and Squeezing

    After the wash in the detergent water rinse the dress in clean cool water. The proper way to rinse the dress is to hold the dress from shoulders and then rinse it in the water in the bucket. Then gently squeeze the dress and leave it on the hanger for drying purpose. Do not expose the dress to sunlight as excessive sunlight will damage the colour of the dress and it will fade its shine quickly.

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