How to Crochet a Scarf

When it comes dressing in the winter season then there are some extra items without which dressing often seems incomplete. The extras in dressings are there to add up to the attraction of your attire. One such item that really makes your winter dressing seem elegant is the scarf which most people have around their necks. If you are shopping for a scarf, then you will find them expensive if it is the winter season. However, if you think you are good at stitching and have some knowledge about it, then crocheting a scarf may not prove to be rocket science for you. There are a few simple steps involved that are discussed as follows. Nevertheless, you must ensure that you have all the required things that are needed for crocheting a scarf.

Things Needed:
– A yarn as desired
– Proper hook for the chosen yarn (size 6.00 mm)


  • 1

    Selection of Yarn and hook

    Make sure you choose the yarns according to the colors you wish to be see in your scarf. If you intend to use a regular five ounce yarn, then use an ‘I’ hook otherwise use ‘K’ hook.

  • 2

    Determining width of Scarf

    In order to determine the desired width you want to have for your scarf, single crochet a chain accordingly - which can either be thin or wide, as you like.

  • 3

    Another row of single crochet

    As an example, if you have to crochet 21 chains for the width of your scarf, then go for one more row of 20 chains in a single crochet. In order to make sure you have not missed any, keep counting your chains.

  • 4

    Continue to Crochet

    Keep on crocheting until you reach the length that you want for your scarf. You can keep the length of the scarf long or short according to your choice.

  • 5

    A safety measure

    In case you run short of the yarn, always have a good stopping point as you crochet. This will not only help you if you start a new spool, but also will be useful for a multi-striped scarf. It is advised to do this using a plastic needle and at the very end, when the desired length of your scarf is achieved.

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