Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys

Halloween, also recognized as All Hallows’ Eve, is the only yearly holiday where you can dress up in as ludicrous way as you can. Whether you are planning a Halloween party or participating in a contest, there are hundreds of Halloween costume possibilities for boys of various age groups.

With a little ingenuity, the boys can easily showcase their creativity and can come up with some amazing Halloween costumes to look different from rest of the world. This simple guide contains numerous Halloween Costume ideas for boys of various age groups. So, read it carefully and find the right costumes according to your age:


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    Halloween Costume Ideas for Infant Boys

    There are numerous interesting Halloween costume ideas for Infant boys - children between the ages of 1 month and 12 months. It is better not to select scary costumes for the infants as it can put a frightening impact on the other babies. Keep your infant boy’s attractive and sophisticated on Halloween. You can dress up your cute boys in Pumpkin costumes, Animal costumes, Monster costumes, Angry Birds’ costumes, Cartoon costumes, Blossom costumes, Plants costumes, Fruits and Vegetable Costumes, Insect costumes, Cute Monster costumes, Star War costumes, and Crayon costumes etc.

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    Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers

    Halloween is one among the kids’ favorite holidays as they get a chance to dress up in many ways. If you have a baby boy between the age of one and three, then enjoy the memorable experience of watching him dressed in funky Halloween Costumes and having the best time of his life. Most suitable for such age group will be Cupcake, Historical, Food and Beverage, Humorous, Animals, Plants, Pirates, Religious, Cartoon characters, Pumpkins, Fish, Wizard, and Ninja Avenger costumes etc.

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    Halloween Costume Ideas for Pre-schooler/Child

    Children between the ages of 4 to 5 years fall under the category of preschooler or child. As parents, nothing makes you more contented than seeing your child adoring life and enjoying unique celebrations like Halloween. So, select a unique and different costume for your child this Halloween and enjoy them having good time. Science Fiction, Star Wars, Vampire, Historical, Animal, Birds, Plants, Bobble Head Pumpkin, Wizard, Evil Jester, Skeleton, Sole-taker, Funky, Demon of war, Zombie, Evil clown, Cartoons, Ninja and Alien child costumes etc will best suit this age group.

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    Halloween Costume Ideas for Primary School Boys

    School Aged boys between the ages of 6 to 9 are the ones with nice understanding of Halloween Costumes. So, they can buy of design the outfits their self or you can assist them.  The Halloween costume ideas for school aged boys may include, Blood Vampire, Death Rider, Zombie, Ninja Turtles, Animals, Monster Plants, Machines & Robots, Black Horror, Crazy Clown, Harry Potter, Devils & Demons, Mad Scientist, Grave Robber, Movie Character, Insects and Ninja costumes.

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    Halloween Costume Ideas for Pre-teen Boys

    Pre-teen, age groups of 10 to 12 years, boys are found very conscious about their Halloween Costumes. However, there are numerous Halloween costume ideas available for them.  They buy it in the ready-made form or can get it stitched form their mom or tailor. Pre-teen boys can consider the Superhero costumes, Animals, Food, Funny, Pop Star costumes, Bloodshed, Angry Birds, Religious, Scary, Celebrity, Cartoo, Superhero and Villains, Feather, Sea Creature, Vide Game, Fairytale, Joker, Funky, Moustache, Snowman and Astronaut costumes etc for Halloween.

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    Halloween Costume Ideas for Teenager Boys

    Halloween is a great excuse for teenage boys to dress up, to scare their friends, and to make an impact on the people around them with their best funky dress. It is your chance to put on as bloodcurdling, folksy, and stylish clothing as you can. Zombie, Spike clown, Bat, Wicked Jester, Sea Creatures, Warfare, Army, Pirate, Celebrity, Machine, Mobile Phone, Historical, Animal, Cartoon, Video Game, Movie, Gothic, Pumpkin Scarecrow, Teen Zombie Rocker, Doom rider, Devil costumes etc are some of the perfect Halloween idea for teenage boys.

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