How to Create a Fashion Design Portfolio

Portfolio of the model – it is a kind of business car, a resume or a catalogue of what a model can do. It is a gateway or an important tool through which a model depicts his or her qualities from every angle to the viewers.

And how efficiently and professionally it is done depends on how much work has been put in it, what quality does it reflect and why it should be the first choice of the viewer. Portfolio consists of the best shots of the model. It looks like the album with a hard cover. The first page must be a logo of the agency for which the model is currently working.

If you are new in a business, you can add your different picture but if you are a pro than you can add your previous photo-shoots with any famous photographer or you can add if by chance you got yourself on the cover of any magazine.


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    The more complete a portfolio is, the more assignments or projects you will get. Here the rule is - the more money invested in the beginning of a career, the more profit it will bring. According to this important point, the first step of creating a portfolio is to search-known and respected fashion photographers. This should be a person with experience and with a prestigious reputation.

    The best option to create a portfolio to make a contract with a professional photographer and photo shoot in a good studio. But if you do not have the financial ability, we can restrict ordinary home photography. Try to provide for your collection suitable background.

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    Call the services of one of the best hairdresser in town, make-up artist and most importantly a stylist, which makes you perfect prior to a photo-shoot. The portfolio should contain pictures of the model wearing an evening dress from any fashion brand. Photo without make-up and photo in full body in a bathing suit should also be included in the album.

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    Add your height, eye colour, hair colour and length, waist, hips, cup size, shoe size, dress size, skin colour and date of birth.

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