How to Make Old Clothes New

Times are tight because of recession, and spending additional money on new clothing is not easy at all. The best possible solution is probably reviving your old much loved clothes with imaginative, artistic and creative ideas. Reviving old clothes according to latest fashion trend is fantastic way to generate a special look on the cheap and to save money during economic recession. You even do not need to go to a tailor as you can repair them at your home. All you have to do is, come up with unique ideas going through some fashion websites, magazines and boutiques etc. There are countless ways to turn your old and tattered clothes into trendy new ones.

With the very simple easy steps given below and a little imagination, you can step out in new-fangled styles in no time.


  • 1

    Dye your clothes

    The best and very simple way to give your old clothes a new look is to dye them. You can mix a few dyes together to give your clothes a multi-color touch.

  • 2

    Use Accessories

    Take advantage of the collection of your accessories and add them to your clothes in order to give them a new touch. For example you can add beads to your clothes in numerous ways.

  • 3

    Bring a belt into play

    Belting your old clothes makes them look special. You can experiment with the color, width and the placement of the belt on your body.

  • 4

    Try some brooches

    Add some brooches, decorative jewelry items designed to be attached to garments, in order to revive your old clothes for a different look. You can buy these unique brooches from your nearest garment or jewelry shops.

  • 5

    Switch out some colorful and well-shaped buttons

    Sew buttons to your old clothes to come up with a new unique look. You can sew them on one specific side or simply add them to neck or sleeves area. Buttons are available in various color shapes and designs; you just have to add them.

  • 6

    Sew on fun details on your old clothes

    Sew on flowers, cartoons, laces, crocheted inserts, pockets, patches, stencils, embroider fabrics, dangling beads, ruffles or feathers to highlight your old clothes for added detail.

  • 7

    Think of unique design with fabric paint

    You can make some designs on your plain old clothes with fabric colors. Sketch a design on your clothe and paint it according to your choice. You can make flowers, cartoons, art designs etc. Additionally, you can adjust the neck of the shirt according to your size.

  • 8

    Re-Size your old clothes

    You can re-size your loose old clothes to a more fitting size for a new and comfortable look. Re-sizing old clothes is as effortless as this: turn your loose old clothes inside out; put the sweater on and pin up the excess from either right or left side. now, take it off and sew all along the pinned areas to give it a shape according to your size.

  • 9

    Add Ribbons and Laces

    Sewing ribbons and laces to your old clothes is a fantastic way to review them. You can add them across the border of your clothes for eye-catching look.

  • 10

    Turn the sleeves into to half sleeves or sleeveless

    Cut the sleeves of your old clothes to make it half-sleeves, quarter-sleeves or sleeveless. In addition to that, you can gently cut it down from the center and add some stylish button to give it a cardigan look.

  • 11

    Make some changes in the length of your old clothes

    Rather than throwing away your old torn jeans, why do not you cut them into a jean skirt, coupling them with leggings for a modish new look.

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