How to Organize Clothes Drawers

If your house and bedroom is messed up, people will think your life is disordered. This is because the surroundings portray how the person is. You can start organizing your room by first organizing your clothing drawer. All the clothes which are lying on the floor or your bed, you need to arrange them and place in the drawer in proper way. In addition to this, you will be required to re-arrange the clothes that are already present in your drawers.

Things Required:

– Drawer organizers
– Disinfecting wipes
– Lightly fragrant dryer sheets
– Boxes
– Music


  • 1

    Take out everything

    You need to take out everything from your drawer and stock it up near your bed. You should also place a giveaway box with you. Place the clothes which you do not wear or which are smaller now in this box and give it to charity. You can also put it up for yard sale. When separating your clothes, place the clothes separately according to their type.

  • 2

    Apply disinfected wipes

    Now you need to clean your drawer. Use disinfected wipes in order to clean the inside and to remove the dust and dirt particles. Place half dryer sheets in the corners in order to keep your clothes smell fresh.

  • 3

    Drawer organisers

    Get drawer organisers from a shop nearby and place them in your drawers. You can get drawer organisers which divide your drawer into two, three, four or many parts. By this you can keep your small things organised and separated.

  • 4

    Fold and place

    In the end you need to fold your clothes and then place it in the drawer. You should fold your pants and jeans lengthwise and lay them in the bottom drawers. For shirts, you need to fold them in a way they fit in your drawer easily. Place them in the middle drawer. Place accessories, underwear etc in the top drawer.

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