How to Make a Quilt From Old Clothes

If you have clothes that you do not wear anymore and are planning to throw them out, then you are making a mistake, as you can still use those clothes to create variety of things. One such thing is a quilt.

Yes, you can create a quilt using your old clothes that are no more wearable. It is a great way to recycle your clothes and create something warm which you can use for different purposes in your house. Also, it is a great way to preserve all your memories related to the clothes you include as parts of your quilt. You can collect your school shirts or your growing baby’s clothes and assemble them to make something creative.

Things Required:

– Old Clothes
– Scissor
– Needle
– Iron press


  • 1

    When collecting clothes, you should try to think about hues and colour patterns, rather than focusing more on the type of fabric you will use to create a quilt, as you it is fine to use different fabrics in one quilt. Collect and organise your clothes with different themes.

    For instance, if you like green colour and want to create your quilt in the same colour, then you should look for the green tones in pants, shirts and different other fabrics present in your home, which you do not need anymore.

  • 2

    When collecting items for your quilt, you should check them carefully, as you cannot use thin or worn out clothes. Also, try to avoid include stained clothes or ripped clothes, when it comes to making a quality quilt.

  • 3

    Cut off all seams and make sure you rip out all the stained areas from clothes. Also, you should cut off buttons from your shirts, and keep them in a box, as you can use them for any of your other project later.

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    Avoid using the knee parts of your pants, as they are the most worn-out parts of the pants. So, such parts do not last long when added to quilt.

  • 5

    Once you are done with collecting necessary parts of clothes, you need to wash them properly and iron them to make them flat.

  • 6

    Now you need to decide a pattern that you want to create for your quilt. For that purpose, you can go online and look for different quilt patterns on different website. Choose the one you like and start stitching accordingly.

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