How to Iron a Police Uniform

Ironing a police uniform require much more care as compared to any other casual dress because your job requires you to maintain a professional appearance that shows your commitment and care for your position. So, while ironing a police uniform you need to take extra care and make sure you do not get the fabric damaged as it is the most disapproving thing for a police man. If you have got the task to iron a police uniform and you do not know how to do it effectively, then you can learn the art by reading this article.


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    First of all, you need to set up the heat of the iron. Make sure you keep it on a low heat first which will help you to avoid burning the surface of the police uniform.

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    Heat of the iron should be appropriate according to the cloth type or the uniform. Usually police uniforms are made of heavy cotton for summer season and wool is used for making police uniforms for summer.

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    If the police uniform is made of polyester then you have to be even more careful as polyester usually gets burned easily if you keep your iron on high heat.

    Now you need to move the iron on police uniform with firm sweeps and make sure you keep the position of pleats in the right position.

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    If you are ironing a wrinkled police uniform, use a wrinkle-release spray which will help you in keeping the uniform wrinkle free and it will become easy to iron.

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    After ironing the police uniform, you should hang every piece separately on different hangers in order to avoid wrinkles. Use only those hangers that keep the shape of uniform in perfect shape.

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    If you see any wrinkles appearing on the surface of the police uniform after hanging them, then use a steamer which will release the wrinkles immediately.

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    All you need is to hold the steamer nozzle and keep moving it in order to make the police uniform wrinkle free from all sides.

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    Use a damp washcloth if you find any scraps on the police uniform before ironing it. It will help you to prevent the uniform from getting burned with the heat of the iron.

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