Must Have Designer Bags of All Time

Fashion tends to change from time to time and it’s no surprise if something that was consider hot just a few years ago might fall out of a favour within such a short time span. However, there are some fashion items that seem to last for ages. Such is the case with some of these mentioned designer bags that are considered to be the It-bags regardless of when they were introduced.


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    Louis Vuitton Speedy

    There is no doubt about Louis Vuitton Speedy’s inclusion in this list. The brand boosts a well-known image all around the world and has always been in fashion. The Speedy is both iconic and innovative at the same time. Due to which it has been remained in this list for a long time. The brand itself has never been more popular than it was right now, and this provides ever more reason to buy a Speedy, whose price ranges around $650 to $750.

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    The Chanel 2.55

    Fashion is incomplete without include the name of Chanel in it. The Chanel 2.55 is known as the Queen of designer handbags. The flap bag is well-known for its style with the ladies finding it breath-taking. The 2.55’s are twice as expensive as the Speedies, but that seems to have any effect on their demand. Chanel has also added a degree a customization by offering the bag in different colours along with three different sizes.

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    Hermes Birkins

    This bag has been more of a huge hit among the showbiz folks. Hermes makes sure that the Birkins is only acquired by the more privileged and that is why it only issues why Birkins a week. This tends to increase the demand of the bag as everyone wants to get their hand on this rare accessory. It’s also one of the most widely recognized and coveted bags of the modern era.

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    Fendi Spy

    The success of the Spy can be observed the amount of duplicates being produced by small companies all over the world. However, the original design belongs to Fendi, who have cemented its position as one of the most the most It-bags. The design of the Fendi Spy makes it more appealing and can be spotted from a distance. Moreover, it’s easy to keep and is almost a perfect fit for everyone. The Fendi’s signature on the bag is the representation of it being the original version by the famous designer itself.

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