How to Be Ghetto for Girls

Being ghetto is a lot more than wearing the coolest pair of Jordans or owning the right car. It is a style statement or a gold diamond covered status in the hood that needs to be regularly maintained. The Ghetto look is quite desirable for some girls but you have to make an effort in order to look and act like that. Remember that there are a number of ways to be Ghetto for girls.

Things Required:

– Hoodies
– Tops
– Jeans
– Sneakers, boots and flats
– Jewellery, necklaces, bracelets and bangles
– Fancy car


  • 1

    Display the right attitude

    You should not bother what people think of you and try to be yourself at all times. The ghetto way is to live freely. In most cases, people will demean you and hate you but do not let it affect your way of living. Moreover, be confident and street smart so no one takes advantage of you. Also, learn to talk in the ghetto way. It is very hard to do that but you can learn it with time. Try to use ghetto slang as often as possible.

  • 2

    Act ghetto

    Maintain a swagger and walk, pose and stand with style. You can walk with your leg dragging behind you and forcing your rear leg forward, bringing them together and keep one hand on your belt. Take special care of your hair by going to a professional. Get your fade done every now and then. Change your style after a while and go bold or do something like that. This way you will become more ghetto as normal people usually never try this stuff. A hat is a must in order to be ghetto as it can complete your entire street look. Be sure to match the shirt, jersey or jacket with the colour of your hat.

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    Things necessary to be ghetto

    Spend your money on sports team jerseys, low ride jeans, polos, collared shirts and designer t-shirts. It is important to wear shades and buy a gold watch, diamond rings and a gold chain. On the other hand, buy Timberlands, Nike Air Forces or Jordans as they are a popular ghetto choice. Lastly, cars are a must and you should drive a sports car or an SUV with some flashy rims.

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