How to Select the Right Watch for Yourself

A watch is not just an accessory to cover your wrist but can be an engineering marvel which you adore and respect and which becomes a defining style factor, complimenting your appearance and outlook. Most people who decide on buying a watch find themselves confused when it comes to picking one. Here are a few tips that will help you select the right watch for yourself.


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    Stay true to your budget

    Granted a Rolex might turn a few heads, but if you can’t afford it, there is no reason to go all in just to get that momentary glory. Most people who try and overreach often end up selling their watches when they face financial trouble. On the other hand, if you rush into buying the most affordable watch, you might end up regretting the purchase, especially when you could have gotten a better one for a little more. If you are set upon buying a watch, you should look at your actual budget and then try to wait and save a little more money to get something you will cherish without having burnt a hole in your pockets.

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    Consider your lifestyle

    There is no real point in spending so much on a watch, especially if you are not comfortable wearing it regularly. Unless you are a collector, you should consider your lifestyle and your wardrobe before selecting a watch. For instance, if you work around water or sand you will be better off with a rugged watch rather than one which can be scratched or damaged easily. Likewise, if you work out or run a lot and need a watch to keep time, you should select one with a comfortable rubber strap which can be easily washed, as opposed to a leather one which will soak up all the sweat.

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    Don’t try to copy or impress anyone

    If you are buying a watch because it looks good on a model or a celebrity, you are making a mistake. Models and celebrities are rarely ever seen with brands they personally like and are mostly endorsing sponsors or partners. Just because something looks good on them, does not mean it will look good on you. Similarly, just because all your friends wear Rolex or Breitling you don’t have to get one either. A watch is meant to be your own statement and you should choose one that fits you well, goes with your size and can fit into your lifestyle.

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